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Vancouver, Then and Now iconA new mobile app is launching today, and it allows locals as well as tourists to travel back in time by comparing more than 150 old photographs from Vancouver to recent ones, taken from the same spot decades later.

The app is the result of a partnership between the MyCityBefore team and Jeremy Hood, who has been doing then and now comparisons of Vancouver since 2007. MyCityBefore has previously released apps with the same concept for cities like Paris, Montreal or Barcelona.

To find then and now places, mobile users can either decide to be automatically notified when getting close to one or search for a specific place using the list or map view. For each place, there is both the old and recent photographs as well as a brief historical comment or anecdote to learn more about the place’s evolution. Using augmented reality, it’s also possible to superpose the old picture to the real view to observe the differences.

Vancouver, Then and Now is now available on the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store for 1.99 $ CAD in Canada.

Chloi Logo

Rob & Brock’s new startup, Chloi. They are going to be tackling the problems around developing for the mobile web. Stay tuned for more info.

Reelhouse is a bit like Kickstarter optimized for only video content. In their own words:

Reelhouse is a place for video creators and viewers to find each other. We allow filmmakers to showcase their work, and give fans a way to help them continue creating the stories we all love.

Congrats to @dethe on shipping!

Uber Vancouver is in research mode. While there are some cars on the road, please keep this in mind as your experience during our “Secret Uber Phase” may not blow your mind in the way it will once we officially launch (though there is a good chance it will). We’re still in the process of building our supply and hitting the perfect price point, so feedback is welcome! Please send your thoughts to or share your experience with us on Twitter @Uber_VAN. Stay tuned for launch updates.

We’re looking to roll out the full Welcome Wagon treatment to the Uber team that is here in Vancouver, but for now follow along with their testing phase.

This Is Our Stop is an ad-hoc social network for bus stops in Vancouver, give it a try at From the launch blog post:

This project brings together so much of what we’re interested in: web, social, mobile, physical-digital connections, and how open data makes new things possible. The project has already caught some attention, notably by Dan Misener writing in the Globe & Mail. Though it’s described as a startup, we want to emphasize that this is a side-project and not an official new business. We like doing lots of things, but we’re not ready to make that jump quite yet.

Steven Wittens writes up the design, thinking, and tech stack behind, the site that he built with Michael Holly and Ross Howard-Jones.

Further discussion over on G+.

(via Introducing —

Nuuly relaunched today (used to be RentGeek). Here’s the email they sent out:

In case you didn’t know, RentGeek is no more. We’ve changed our name to Nuuly and we’ve made some intense improvements to our features.

How intense? Intense enough to safely say that we’re the most time-efficient apartment search engine on the internet. Potentially even the most awesome.

We also want to reward local experts with all sorts of freebies. You know, the type of people who know about their area.

So we’re inviting you to come check us out! The old website was awful, but we’ve prettied it up to look presentable for the world and just generally…. be better.