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This Is Our Stop is an ad-hoc social network for bus stops in Vancouver, give it a try at From the launch blog post:

This project brings together so much of what we’re interested in: web, social, mobile, physical-digital connections, and how open data makes new things possible. The project has already caught some attention, notably by Dan Misener writing in the Globe & Mail. Though it’s described as a startup, we want to emphasize that this is a side-project and not an official new business. We like doing lots of things, but we’re not ready to make that jump quite yet.

This Is Our Stop is a side-project of Vancouver-based developers Tylor Sherman and Todd Sieling, who share an interest in transit and open public data. The site is specifically designed with mobile devices in mind. Visit This Is Our Stop from a smartphone, and you’re asked to enter the five-digit code from any Vancouver bus stop.

Tylor and Todd of Denim and Steel get some press about This Is Our Stop.

Weird that they didn’t mention their company in the post?

Definitely check TIOS out - the cookie-persistent “identity” is interesting as well.