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Georgiana @ggiiaa sent this in via email and had this awesome note at the bottom: “No trees were harmed in the sending of this message; however, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.” The photo above was taken from her attending Demo Camp - on her second day after starting at Unbounce, no less. Welcome to Vancouver, Georgiana!

Name: Georgiana Laudi (LinkedIn) - Director of Social Media & Marketing Strategy at Unbounce @unbounce

What do you do? I’m currently the Director of Social Media & Marketing Strategy at Unbounce. I manage the content marketing (blog), social and also manage our co-marketing with integration partners (like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Salesforce, Hubspot)

Where did you go to school? I got my bachelors in Communications at Concordia University in Montreal.

What’s the next event that you’ll be attending if people want to meet you in person? Something might come up before, but I’m definitely going to be at Grow Conference.

Looking or Hiring? Nope :)

Beer or Wine? both! Though I prefer Vodka/Soda

Where are you from? Montreal, born and raised.

How did you come to Vancouver? I came by plane… my car on the other hand is currently being driven across the country by my rad boss, as part of my relocation. I started working remotely for Unbounce in mid-February, I moved here 2 weeks ago to work at HQ with the rest of the (ridiculously awesome) team.

Interesting Vancouver restaurant? For years my favourite Vancouver restaurant is Sawasdee on Main but I’m looking forward to discovering plenty more gems.

Interesting Vancouver store? Hmm… got nothin’ sorry. Haven’t done much shopping, yet. :)

What were you doing prior to moving to Vancouver? Until February of this year I was a freelancer & web marketing consultant. I was also heading up monthly Montreal Girl Geeks events, a popular and growing community of 500+ women in tech.

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