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Homeless Partners

Vancouver based Homeless Partners is looking for a little help this year. The NFP (Not-For-Profit) enables communities to launch local Christmas wish lists for homeless people. The program started in 2005 with one shelter in Vancouver. Since then, it has expanded to 11 cities across North America, with 6,700 gifts successfully pledged through the platform.

This year, Homeless Partners plans to rebuild their platform and take the program to more cities across North America. They launched an Indiegogo campaign  a few weeks ago, and are currently sitting at 55% of their fundraising goal. The money will be used to become a registered charity, host a Developer Lock-in, and to hire a part-time employee to support all of the volunteers during the month of December. 

The Developer Lock-in will occur during Nov 22 - Nov 24th at the Full Stack office with a team of developers, designers, and project managers that will rebuild the site in 72 hours. 

"Instead of hiring a company to rebuild the platform, we want to host a Developer Lock-in where a talented team comes together and builds something truly special." says Kenny Grant, a volunteer organizing the event. 

"We’re looking for a few more people to join us. It’s a feel good project — it’s a great way to give back to the community and help homeless people not only in the Downtown East side, but across the country"  

Homeless Partners is accepting donations via their indiegogo page and actively looking for a few more volunteers for the Developer Lock-in. Anyone interested to volunteer their services is invited to contact Kenny Grant directly ( 

Original volunteer deck attached below:

Startup Grind is joining forces with Vancouver Pixel Crafters to host Vancouver’s biggest Startup holiday party for entrepreneurs and small business owners! Startup folks, freelancers and self-employed professionals are all welcome! Join us at The Cranium co-working space in Mount Pleasant as we celebrate the holidays together!

Get tickets for your startup now >

As most startups in Vancouver with less than 10 people are not likely to have the means to throw company Christmas parties we though it would be nice to give them the chance to experience the fun of a typical ‘corporate holiday party’ at the price of a standard dinner or night out.

Pixel Crafters can also get a discount of 20% of tickets using the promo code: PIXEL20 

Your All-Access Holiday Pass includes:

Full course dinner, 2 Drinks (Beer, Wine, or Liquor), chance to win awesome holiday presents, and unlimited holiday fun with 200 of your closest entrepreneurial friends!


7:00pm - Networking

7:45pm - Dinner & Company Announcements

9:00pm - Prizes & Maybe an appearance from Santa!

9:30pm - Networking, Drinks & Dessert

10:00pm - Fun!

Join us for food, drinks, prizes and fun! And, we may even have a visit from the big guy in red himself!

Tickets are selling out quickly so grab your today! Tickets >

The VHS is proud to announce a new program we’ve been working on literally for hours.  VHSdecel promises to slow down any project, from seed stage startups to purely prelaunch personal projects.

Check out to learn more more about how you can participate!

This fall 2013, entrepreneurship@UBC is hosting a Startup Weekend open to young innovators who are interested in building their skills and sharing ideas with like-minded people. Students, recent graduates and aspiring entrepreneurs alike are welcome to participate in the fall edition of Startup Weekend hosted at the University of British Columbia. This event features prominent judges from the Vancouver entrepreneurship community, advice from experienced mentors from multiple industries (eg. web-based and mobile technologies, non-profits, cleantech, healthcare, eCommerce, fashion etc.) and prizes that will help your venture down the path to success.

"We wanted to create a Startup Weekend that focuses on young people who are interested in entrepreneurship but may not know how to take their first step. As a group of organizers with a range of experiences in entrepreneurship we’re hoping to balance our focus on young innovators with a wide range of seasoned entrepreneurs from Vancouver and beyond. Running a Startup Weekend is easy, but creating an outstanding event means attracting outstanding people" - Ben Cappellacci, Organizing Committee 

In 54 hours you will discover the key tools of entrepreneurship, support the development of startup ideas, and learn more about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. If you have an interest in digital collaboration, internet technologies and even non-profits you will be able to connect people who feel the same way.

Startup Weekend at UBC is a part of this year’s Global Startup Battle, which allows teams formed at the event to be entered to compete against teams from other Startup Weekends happening across the globe! Showcase your innovations and have the chance to win prizes such as $20K in funding, a flight to Google Headquarters in San Francisco, free builder passes to the 2014 LAUNCH Festival and more.

Registration >

Some notable Coaches and Judges include:

  • Michael Fergusson, Founder and CEO, Ayogo
  • Danny Robinson, Founder and CEO, Perch
  • Terry Beech, Chairman and Co-Founder,
  • Jason Xu, CEO and Co-Founder, Battlefy
  • Ali Kashani, VP Software, Energy Aware Technology Inc
  • Kelly Edmison, President and CEO, PenderFund Capital Management Ltd.
  • Rob Attwell, COO and Co-Founder, myBestHelper
  • Ian Crosby, CEO,  
  • Vik Khanna, COO & Co-Founder, Faronics Corporation
  • Janice Cheam, President and CEO, Energy Aware Technology Inc.
  • Geof Auchinleck, CEO, Claris Healthcare Inc.
  • Thealzel Lee, President and Director, E-Fund  
For more information visit Startup Weekend at UBC 

Hello Pixel Crafter-ers!!

How amazing is it that this group has grow to over 2000 members There is a simple reason that Facebook, Amazon (and soon Twitter) opened shop right here in Vancouver….

Vancouver Tech Rocks!!!

Brief History of Pixel Crafters

Jon Chui (who joined Google in California, congrats again Jon) started this group in 2010. Later that year he passed the reins over to Shawn Taylor and I when the group had around 200 members. In 2011, we hosted over 40 meetups and grew the group to nearly 800 members.

In 2012, what was previously know as the Vancouver Tech Co-Founders Meetup joined with the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society Meetup and became… Vancouver Pixel Crafters

Since then the group has benefited from the organizational drive of Mack Flavelle, Boris Mann, Martin Ertl, Winnie Lai, Cheryl Mack, Jenn, Tea Nicola, Brendan Mulholland, Jackie Murchison and countless others (apologies if I missed you)

Over 150 Meetups and 65 group reviews later we added our 2000th member about a week ago. Today, Pixel Crafters is the 2nd largest technology focused Meetup in Vancouver and we are just getting started :)

Pixel Crafters is an Open Source Platform

Our intent with this group is to give each member the opportunity to leverage it to create or promote events that they want to see happen in their community.

Want to hear from someone at Facebook? Reach out to them and tell them that Pixel Crafters would like to host an event in their space. Think of PC as a platform you can utilize to create the technology community you want to be a part of.

If you have an event idea, simply suggest it as a meetup. If it fits the criteria of the group (outlined below) you will have access to all the membership to make sure it is filled with talented folks and is a raging success. We can also help you finding venue space if needed.

PC Event Criteria:

  1. Technology focused
    (design, code, marketing, entrepreneurship etc.)

  2. Price accessible
    (evening events should be less than $20… ideally free. All day or weekend events can cost more. This is not a profit machine, we are about spreading the technology love here in Vancouver)

  3. Benefits the group
    (Sorry, no self promotional info sessions)

Thank You

I hope you have all benefited in some way from this group over the past years. Thanks for attending our events, recommending the group to your friends and helping grow Vancouver’s tech community.


Jesse (originally posted on the PC meetup group)

Coming up next week is the gigantic WebSummit taking place in Dublin, Ireland.

There are a number of Canadian companies participating as well as individual representatives attending.

Let’s gather our forces and fly the #mooseblood flag in Dublin!

So far, I know that people from Postachio, PlaceSpeak, Bex, Full Stack, and Monkey Box are attending. 

Add a note in the comments if you’re attending, and we’ll see about joining forces when we’re on the ground in Ireland.

As well, if you’re in Vancouver and want to participate in some of the WebSummit spirit – even if you’re not making the trip to Ireland – come out to the PubSummit: Thursday, October 24th, 6pm, Billy Bishop Legion Branch 176

Startup Grind Vancouver will be welcoming Boris Mann as our featured speaker for November’s event. Join us on Nov. 6th for an in-depth fireside chat with the founder and managing partner of Full Stack about his experience building and investing in some of the most successful tech companies in BC.  

Boris has been active in the Vancouver startup ecosystem for almost a decade. He was one of the first “non coding” evangelists for Drupal, and his first local startup, Bryght, was the first all-Drupal company. He’s since sold Bryght to Raincity Studios, and then went on to co-found Bootup Labs, the first startup accelerator in Canada. He is now the founder and managing partner of Full Stack, a “napkin capital” angel investment firm that works with and funds early stage technology companies.  

Once again we are happy to feature Zone Vancouver as our venue sponsor for November’s event. Zone Vancouver is a stylish new venue for meetings, workshops and private events in Gastown. Modern, versatile event space where ideas can flourish, creativity can emerge and connections can be made. Privatis will also be returning as our official alcohol and drinks sponsor for the event. Privatis provides privacy tools that protect users of online classified ad sites and marketplaces from harassment by telemarketers and fraudsters while facilitating seamless communications by phone, SMS and email.  

Food sponsorship for this event is provided by the Canadian Youth Business Foundation, a national non-profit organization dedicated to growing our nation’s economy one young entrepreneur at a time. CYBF offers entrepreneurs fully integrated services that are built around the ‘life cycle’ of a young entrepreneur, helping to ensure the success of every new start-up.   -  See more at:

Vancouver Dev Week

Have ever been to (or heard about) a Startup Week? You’ll find them in cities like Seattle or Austin and they help to bring together a collection of cool events that are all focused on the people and companies in their respective startup community.

Vancouver Dev Week is much like that, but exclusively focused on events for developers and people who build softwareThe goal for VDW is to feature the best community-driven conferences, meetups, hack days, workshops, job fairs and parties that Vancouver has to offer. We want anyone who is curious about the caliber of the developer community in Vancouver to come and see for themselves what a vibrant and talented community it is.

If you’re interested in learning more or perhaps organizing an event, please visit the VDW website

CLIO board member and VC investor @bwertz cuts the birthday cake at #CLIOturns5 @goCLIO #BBY #tech #startup

Clio turned 5 on October 1, 2013. What’s Clio? My invitation described the tech startup as “the market-leading cloud-based management tool for the legal industry.” Still pretty vague for me. But I like a party, I’m interested in Vancouver tech startups doing cool stuff. So I penciled in the date and time and place: a flashy little tech park just off Canada Way.

Part of the @goCLIO welcoming committee at #ClioTurns5 - a birthday celebration for the #Vancouver #tech #startup

First, the welcome team. First impressions count. Everyone I met who works with Clio whether they were wearing the event shirt or not, was super friendly. Happy crew in a great space. Kudos to whoever is doing the team building. It’s working. 

Jason, a happy @GoCLIO customer, with CEO Jack Newton #CLIOturns5 #tech #startup #BBYJason’s a lawyer in the Tri-Cities region. He’s also a Clio fan. Here he is with Clio CEO Jack Newton. More on him later. The story here is that it was Jason who filled me on what Clio does and why he think’s its rocket science for the legal profession. Later the Clio team trotted out some numbers: they asked their customers to calculate how much time they save using Clio cloud-based management tools. The answer: on average, pros in the legal industry said they saved the equivalent of 8.5 hours per week. 

@goCLIO's George Psiharis talks about a program that's helping deliver pro bono legal services #CLIOturns5I really liked this guys’ story. George Psiharis talked about a free program that engages academics, students, and NGOs on the legal side in helping to deliver the equivalent of $3.5M of pro bono Clio services since 2008. 

@goCLIO's Steven Silberbach, new from Salesforce, talks about "top 10" on how to grow an int'l company #ClioTurns5Steven Silberbach is a recent hire from Salesforce. He knows a thing or two about taking a company global. He walked us through his personal “top 10” points on how to grow an “amazing” global team. It’s something that’s already started at Clio: they service the legal industry in 50 countries already. As Jack Newton says, that’s without trying to go global. Which takes us to the big announcement at “Clio turns 5” – opening up an office in Dublin to headquarter Clio’s European expansion.

Nagib Tharani will be heading to Dublin to kick-off @goCLIO's expansion into the Euro-zone .. #tech #startup newsThis is the guy who’s going to do it. Later this year Nagib Tharani will set up the office in Dublin and start building the Euro zone team. Hiring is currently underway. Which leads to the next point: not only has Clio pretty much doubled its customer base every year since 2008 (currently at 20K+), they’ve done the same with hires. On October 1, 2013 they were at 85+. They’ll be at 100 by year end. 

These folks are hiring. Big time. Here's a list of what @goCLIO is looking for... #tech #startups #ClioTurns5Here’s who they’re looking for: people in production, operations, sales, and marketing. That’s Catherine Hillier, Clio’s manager of customer support. Until recently she was working on the East Coast. Now she’s loving Vancouver and being part of the Clio team. Yup. It was pretty much a love-fest at “Clio turns 5.” Maybe Jack is part of the reason…

CEO Jack Newton talks about his childhood inspirations and entrepreneurial adventures #CLIOturns5 @goCLIO #tech #startup #BBYKudos to Clio’s CEO: Jack Newton gave one of the funniest wrap ups I’ve heard in a business context, starting with his childhood inspiration to go into the aviation industry, his fling with snow removal, and tips on building the right logo. 

And now it's time for the after party @goCLIO #CLIOturns5 #tech #startup

And then it was birthday “after party” time. Champagne, beer, lots of great food. And as I said, a group of people who seem genuinely excited about being part of a great company. 

One of the crew has suggested I try out the Clio product. It’s cloud based, they’ve just launched an iOS app (they were pretty stoked about that), and I’m thinking that the case / client management tools might work for more than lawyers. I’ll let you know once I’ve had the keys for a few drives around the block.

@hanspetermeyer on Twitter